Welcome everyone! The "Singing Around the World" project is a proposal for a musical and cultural exchange between students and teachers of schools connected to the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) in different regions of the world, promoted by Colégio Magno/Mágico de Oz in São Paulo, Brazil.
The goal is to enhance music education—through manifestations and expressions of popular culture—sharing the learning of singing games and folk songs, thereby enriching (and expanding) the musical and cultural repertoire of students.

This proposal demonstrates the potential of music as a means for an integral and formative education, which brings different cultures, values differences and prepares children for global citizenship—one of UNESCO’s central themes.

Participation in the project is indicated for early childhood education students (0 to 6 years) and for the first years of primary school (7 to 11 years)
We would like to invite educators and students in their respective schools to join our musical exchange network by participating in the "Singing Around the World" project, which is now in its implementation stage. So do not wait, and submit your project!

Myriam Tricate (Principal of Colégio Magno and National Coordinator of ASPnet, Brazil)
Roberto Schkolnick (Music Coordinator)


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