FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

My school is not part of the ASPnet; can I still participate in the project?

Yes, provided that the age criteria and project proposal are respected. Also consider the possibility of your school joining ASPnet in your country—supporting the network’s initiatives, taking advantage of the network’s achievements and respecting the network’s universal guidelines. For more information, visit: http://www.peaunesco.com.br/


I am not sure about which singing game or music to present. Usually in class we dance in a circle and sing. Can a popular dance be selected?

Yes. The project is not restricted only to the musical aspect, but to all forms of popular expressions that somehow involve music.


I can not afford to record a high-quality video. What should I do?

The project's main goal is to share the musical content between all participants. You can prepare a video using common resources, such as smartphones or MP3 recorders. However, pay more attention to the audio quality so that its contents are clear (audible).

If you have not been able to make a video with the students for lack of funds, consider only recording the audio of the students singing the chosen song.

With simple use of multimedia equipment (for example, computer with audio programs or mobile phones) you can make a recording and send it to the site.

If you have any difficulty in this regard, please contact the project’s coordinating committee: beto@colmagno.com.br


Will the videos and materials that the schools send be displayed on the site?

Yes. All material submitted will be published on the ASPnet site. Make sure that your school is authorized to publish them on the internet. The project’s coordinating committee is not responsible for the content of the images and material submitted by each school; however, the rules of conduct and ethical principles must be observed.



Will all material be published?

At first yes. The coordinating committee may veto the publication of any material if it considers that the content does not meet the project’s objectives and standards, and ethical education principles are not met.


What is the submission deadline for the material?

The project is under development and will be released in the first half of 2015. Contact with schools in Brazil and around the world has already begun. Remember, as soon as we begin our exchange and post material, the faster our students and teachers will benefit from its content.


I would like to communicate with colleagues from other schools? How can I do this?

Every school that participates in the project will have a representative. The name of the representative and their contact information (email, phone etc.) will be published on the site. In addition, the coordinator of the project seeks ways to promote communication among participants, through an email list or other easy ways.


Can my students see the publications from other schools?

Of course! The project is an incentive for students to learn, present and research music and characteristics from other cultures.


What language should my project be written in?

In the experimental phase of the project, we will work with three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. According to the need and elapsed time of the project, we will study effective methods for the exchange. If you have any difficulty, please contact the project’s coordinating committee via email: beto@colmagno.com.br